Bermuda All-inclusive Resort Family Vacation

Bermuda All-inclusive Resort  Family Vacation
Bermuda all-inclusive resort vacation
Across the street from the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo

If you’re looking for a vacation where you literally don’t have to leave the property, this Bermuda all-inclusive resort vacation is for you! Last July, my family of 4 traveled from Boston in less than 2 hours to the beautiful island of Bermuda. I’m so excited to share this trip with you because it was the perfect all-inclusive resort island getaway.

I sat in my chair, staring at the map on my wall above my desk, pondering our next vacation. My husband wanted a tropical destination with adventure and since my youngest son was 1 at the time, I wanted a relaxing trip with easy travel.

Never could I have imagined this trip would mark all the boxes for us; we talked about returning before we even left. The Grotto bay beach all-inclusive resort vacation in Bermuda is the perfect getaway for any family because there is something for everyone, of all ages.

Bermuda all-inclusive resort vacation
Sunset Grotto Bay Resort

Where is Grotto bay beach resort?

Most of us have heard of the mysteries of the Bermuda triangle or the song “Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama”.  But you might find yourself asking, where is Bermuda island?

The British Overseas Territory, Bermuda, is nestled in the North Atlantic Ocean and consists of 138 islands stretching 22 miles in length and about 1 mile across. You can get to Bermuda in 3 hours or less from almost any major hub on the entire east coast. 

Now let’s plan your Bermuda all-inclusive resort vacation!

Bermuda all-inclusive resort vacation
Enjoying the view from Grotto Bay Resort

Things to know before you plan your Bermuda resort vacation:

You will need a passport.

There are NO mosquitoes on the island; so leave your repellent at home!

There are no car rentals on the island. What this means if you are traveling with an infant or toddler is that you don’t have to lug around a car seat! Child car seats are not required by law in Bermuda. That was exciting news for me.

Other forms of transportation include bus, ferry, taxi, scooter, electric 2 seater cars, motor bike, moped or bicycle rentals.

There are many places to stay, however I can only personally recommend the Grotto Bay Resort, which is where we stayed. From the airport, we hopped in a taxi for about 5-10 minutes and cost us around $12.

Bermuda all-inclusive resort vacation
Sunrise from our room.

Our stay at the Grotto Bay beach resort:

Once we got checked in, we immediately went to our room to put our swimsuits on. First stop was their “water park” (basically an inflatable playground on the water). It was so much fun, watching the big boys from the shore while Atlas played in the sand and I enjoyed my first cocktail. The water park had a swing, a slide, trampoline, a catapult and rock wall. So fun!

There are 3 restaurants on location, all of which were satisfying and had a good variety of options for everyone. The food was fresh, local and generous portions.

We opted for the all inclusive stay which we found was well worth the money. That meant unlimited beverages (including a full bar) and 3 meals a day. I packed snacks for the kids to enjoy between meals. During peak season, they offer an outdoor dinner BBQ or Surf & Turf with live music. 

We really enjoyed recapping our day every night while watching the sunset from an open grassed area atop the property.

Bermuda all-inclusive resort vacation

Our experience at this resort was the perfect example of life on island time. Relaxing with sandy toes, salty air, sun-kissed cheeks and a cold alcoholic beverage against your lips; nowhere to be but watching your family enjoy serenity. Not only the Grotto bay resort property, but the whole island was so lush and vibrant with color and tropical landscape. It was a sight to behold.

Bermuda all-inclusive resort vacation
Bermuda all-inclusive resort vacation

Not all of the rooms have an ocean view, but I highly recommend paying the extra fee to watch the sunrise each morning. I do wish they offered suites with 2 bedrooms, but honestly, the double room wasn’t that bad because we were hardly ever in the room. 

I brought the pack and play for Atlas to sleep in, but he never did last a full night in that thing on any vacation we’ve been on. So, Rob and I both shared a bed with a child which he doesn’t mind as much as I do :/ No offense, children <3

Bermuda all-inclusive resort family vacation
Happy 39th Birthday to me

There was so much offered at the Grotto bay resort, that you didn’t even have to leave. That’s what I loved about it. Over the course of the week we would take full advantage of resort amenities and even a few trips off of the property with the complimentary bus pass from the all inclusive deal.

The package also gave us free rental use of paddle boards, snorkel gear and kayaks (among others, but this is what we used). The concierge can ensure you have the trip of a lifetime if you’re looking for more adventure.

While there are quite a few caves throughout Bermuda island, our resort had two on the property, one was turned into a spa and the other was called Cathedral Cave. It was pretty cool watching the boys jump in for a swim surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites.

Bermuda all-inclusive resort family vacation
Cathedral Cave, Grotto Bay

Bermuda island activities:

Although Grotto Bay beach resort has plenty to do, we still wanted to explore Bermuda island.

One day we took a short hike from our resort to Blue Hole Park. There was an entrance that led to a trail with beautiful stops along the way. We saw the ocean, lagoons, grotto’s, ponds and caves. The boys went cliff jumping into the blue hole. We spent a couple of hours here and certainly could have made a full day out of it.

Bermuda all-inclusive resort vacation
Blue Hole Park, Bermuda

Another day we took the bus around town and one of our favorite stops was the Aquarium Museum and Zoo. It was the perfect little break from the sun and heat. There is an indoor aquarium, indoor museum and an outdoor zoo.

Bermuda all-inclusive resort vacation
Atlas admiring the aquarium

On our last day, we walked from the resort to the Crystal Cave Park with intentions of seeing the Crystal Caves. We found out this was a very popular destination and the wait was longer than the time we had available. So, we decided to walk to the Swizzle Inn for lunch then head back to the resort for a taxi ride to the airport. The Swizzle Inn is also a popular destination in Bermuda. The food was really good and they serve the original rum swizzle which was so delicious and strong. The rum swizzle is the island’s signature drink.

Bermuda all-inclusive resort vacation
Amazing tree within the Crystal Cave Park

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Bermuda all-inclusive vacation

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