Boston Public Garden – Why you should visit

Boston Public Garden – Why you should visit

To begin with, Boston Public Garden was the first public botanical garden in America! If you plan on visiting the Boston area, I would totally recommend adding this stop into your plans; no matter the season.

Similar to Central Park, you will find a melting pot of people, locals and tourists alike. The garden is connected to Boston Common which is America’s oldest park! As you stroll throughout the garden and the park you will find telling statues of our nations history.

Boston Common
Park Street Church, built 1809

Things to do

  • Just take a walk! Enjoy the fresh air and scenery.
  • Take a history tour.
  • Exercise!
  • Picnic.
  • Bring your favorite book and lounge under a tree.
  • Watch the kids run around and play.
  • Take photographs, the scenery is stunning.
  • Carousel ride.
  • Swan paddle boat ride (April-September).
  • See the swans and feed the ducks.
  • Visit frog pond – Frog pond cafe
    • Summer spray pool/shallow wading pool
    • Fall reflection pool/pumpkin float
    • Winter Ice Skating
    • Spring reflection pool
  • Tadpole playground.
  • Enjoy local food trucks like The Cookie Monstah.
  • Events throughout the year.

You could easily spend an entire day enjoying the Boston Public Garden and Boston Common. Obviously, there is a plethora of places to see and things to do within walking distance of the park. A couple things I’d recommend, take the freedom trail tour on your own or with a guide and definitely visit Cheers 🙂

Site of the Boston Masacre
Cheers, Boston

The best time to visit

In my opinion, the best time to visit Boston Public Garden is spring or fall. HOWEVER, every season beholds it’s own magnificence and there is always something to do.

Springtime is my favorite because of the weather and all the blooming flowers, especially the tulips, after a long cold winter.

Tulips, Boston Public Garden
George Washington Statue
George Washington Statue

The trees! Did I tell you how beautiful the trees are? I also really love visiting in the fall because the the summer heat is passing and the weather gets perfect again. It’s not too hot or too cold. The fresh crisp scent of fall is in the air and the leaves start to change color. There is nothing more idyllic than the fall season in New England. There truly is such a relaxing vibe here.


Have you been or do you plan to visit Boston Public Garden and Boston Common? I’d love to hear about your own experience! Spread the love, down below by sharing with your friends. Thanks so much for reading and encourage someone today!

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