Ice Castles, New Hampshire

Ice Castles, New Hampshire

In January 2019 we went to see the Ice Castles in Woodstock, New Hampshire. When I first heard about this place, I knew we had to add it to our New England bucket list.

I purchased the tickets in advance which is recommended because you could arrive and tickets are sold out. We didn’t want to make the drive to be denied entry, as this was a popular attraction. The day had come! It was absolutely freezing cold and a snow storm was on it’s way that evening, which had me concerned about our drive home.

There are plenty of places to stay nearby and plenty of things to do in the winter in Lincoln, NH. I highly recommend taking a weekend to explore the area and enjoy the snow. Here are some ideas.

You guys, this place was a real life fantasy winter wonderland. It was something you’d expect to see in a Disney movie. The ice structures were magical and when they light up at night, it’s even more fascinating.

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We ventured through caves, tunnels, covered walkways and even slides! Thankfully, they had a concession stand where we got some hot chocolate to warm up.

After being there for only about an hour, the snow was slowly starting to come down. Atlas was super unhappy and did I mention, it was BELOW FREEZING? So we decided to head back home before the storm moved in.

Even though we didn’t stay long or see any of the shows, I am still super glad that we went and I got to see this unforgettable work of art!

Have you been to the ice castles? If so, which location?

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2 thoughts on “Ice Castles, New Hampshire”

  • I have seen so many pictures of this place, and I want to go so bad! I can’t believe I’ve lived in NE for a couple years now and haven’t been. It’ll def be on my bucket list now.

    • Yes, you’ve got to go!! Just make sure you don’t go on a below freezing day like we did :} Also, we made it a day trip but you could always stay and make it a weekend, there’s so much to do up there!

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