Attn Commissary Shoppers: Are you actually saving money?

Attn Commissary Shoppers: Are you actually saving money?

Today I ran into the Stop & Shop grocery store for something specific that the Commissary doesn’t carry. While there, I decided to price check some common items. Commissary shoppers, have you ever wondered, are we actually saving money?

We know some of the benefits of commissary shopping are tax free shopping (although there is a 5% surcharge) giving back to the community & spousal employment to name a few.

But the real question here is, are we actually saving money? Let’s see what I discovered!

You can find a Stop & Shop grocery store in the north eastern United States. I like the variety of items that I don’t see at the Commissary. But I notice that the prices are generally higher on most things.

*It’s important to note that if your Commissary doesn’t carry an item you’d like to purchase, don’t fret. Speak to the manager and fill out a special order form for said item(s).

Price Comparison

So today, I decided I would buy some items at Stop & Shop, head directly to the Commissary and purchase the same items and compare!

I made sure to purchase items that I knew the Commissary would have, however, I wasn’t able to get the same brand of tortillas.

Even after the Commissary surcharge, I still saved $2.70. Check it out.

Commissary price check
Commissary price comparison

As I browsed the store (yes mama was out alone!) I took some snap shots of some other common items that I knew were higher priced to show you the comparison, see below! The diapers, wow!

Are you sacrificing quality over quantity? That’s a debatable question. Based on my personal experience at over 7 Commissaries, my only complaint would be the inconsistency of the produce. The freshness factor can be hit or miss. (This varies by location.)

However, please note that I do shop the Commissary more than alternative grocers.

Commissary price comparison
Commissary price comparison

Compared to Stop & Shop, yes Commissary shoppers, you are saving money! Honestly, I’ve noticed this same pattern at most grocers (Publix, Vons, etc.) except Walmart which is most comparable price wise.

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